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45 Cambria Street, PO Box 842
Stratford, ON N5A 6W3
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In 1905 Thomas A. Pounder started the business, and three years later was joined by his brother, George F. Pounder, and they formed a partnership which gave the firm the name it has today; Pounder Brothers.

The original office of Pounder Brothers was at Downie Street. Around 1910, Pounder Brothers purchased the Zion Lutheran Church at Cambria Street. That church remains the basic structure of the lumber yard today. It has been enlarged several times since. In 1922 the firm added a hardware store at the Cambria site.

Over the years, Pounder Brothers has been run by two more generations of Pounders. Today it is run by the founder's granddaughter, Gayle Pounder Beattie.

Many events have come and gone over the years, but the one constant has been the Pounder family's dedication to the home improvement business in Stratford. We're proud of our reputation for providing outstanding service, quality building materials and competitive prices. Being a locally owned, family business helps keep us in touch with our community.

  Gayle Pounder Beattie
President, Pounder TIMBER MART